Psalm 119 reimagined – verses 25 to 32

Living the Lord’s way

  1. Those who have committed their whole lives to following the Lord are the most-happy people of all.
  2. Deep contentment characterises those who are completely focused on getting to know you and pleasing you.
  3. They stick to your guidance and do not get waylaid or distracted.
  4. You have selected us to live out your way of life.  
  5. May I be a model follower who makes you proud.  
  6. As I develop, I want you to be pleased with how well I do.  
  7. May my effort and achievements show how grateful I am to you.  
  8. I dedicate myself to achieving this – please be patient and stick with me.    


  1. How can a young person stay focused?  By sticking to the study plan that you have given them.
  2. I have tried hard to keep concentration – help me to keep to your plan and not get distracted.  
  3. Your goals are the basis of all that I do, so that I do not get diverted and lose sight of your advice.  
  4. There is nothing better than the approach that you have taught me, Lord.
  5. I have learned all your rules by reciting them out loud.  
  6. Thinking of them brings a pleasure that money can’t buy.  
  7. I will pour over your manual and study guide until it has sunk in.  
  8. I am fascinated by learning from you and will always be grateful for all that you have shown me.

On your team

  1. Manage me well, that I may thrive and deliver the goals you have requested of me.
  2. I am pleased to be on your team – explain to me how you like us to work.  
  3. I am still a newcomer – please take time to give me advice and feedback.
  4. My greatest wish is to see your team succeed and grow.
  5. There are those who doubt your methods, but it is clear that they are cynics and shirkers.
  6. They tease and insult me for taking your approach seriously – cover for me.
  7. Even your colleagues criticise me but I am determined to stick with our agreed plan.
  8. I am learning and thrive on the challenges that come my way.  Your team is the best place for me.

Learning from failure

  1. I feel despondent, a real failure – pick me up and put me on my feet again. 
  2. I shared my plans with you, now help me to learn where I went wrong.
  3. Help me to go back to basics and to understand what approach you would have taken.
  4. This sense of failure runs deep – help me to find the new opportunity it brings.
  5. Help me not to walk away to avoid the pain.  I will reflect on your advice.
  6. I have taken on the assignment that you gave to me and I have fully committed myself to its success.
  7. Lord, I believe in your vision – do not let this set back reflect badly on me.
  8. You have helped me to learn the best approach and I am determined to deliver your goals.  

Life-time apprentice

  1. Lord, I want to be your life-long apprentice, learning from how you live.
  2. May I see the world the way you do and then follow your example.
  3. Nothing would please me more than to learn from you.  Please open up the right opportunities. 
  4. Show me how to set life-goals that make a difference to your world rather than ones which are solely for my benefit.
  5. I want my life to be driven by your purpose – help me to set my sights above the mundane.
  6. May your promise of a fulfilled life strengthen my determination as I aim to love you and learn from you.
  7. Help me to break my old and aimless habits and to learn your ways of living.
  8. I want my life to be one of which you are proud – make a new person of me.

Mentoring parent (1)

  1. Lord, please remind me of how much you love me and of the faith you have in me.
  2. I know that I can quell my inner doubts and demons by seeing myself as you see me. 
  3. Knowing that you believe in me is all that keeps me going – please continue to reassure me.
  4. For my part, I will remember your advice and always follow it forever.  
  5. I have been single-minded in understanding your guidance so that I instinctively do the right things.  
  6. This is so much a part of me that I have confidently shared my experience with those in positions of great responsibility.
  7. Thinking of how your guidance has changed me gives me a sense of real fulfillment – I love your outlook on life.
  8. I will continue to observe how you live and to build my life on what I learn. 

Mentoring parent (2)

  1. Your promise to stand by me is my best source of hope.
  2. When things are tough, I know that I can rely on you.
  3. The self-important do not rate me because I stick to your humble lifestyle.
  4. I keep returning to your timeless advice and I am still learning from it, Lord.    
  5. I get frustrated with the arrogant who reject your guidance for living.
  6. But I have found that it works for me – wherever I am and whatever I do.
  7. Even as I go to sleep at night, I think about what you mean to me, Lord and I am determined to model myself on you.
  8. Nothing gives me more pleasure than for people to say of me “like Father, like Son.”


  1. Lord, you have given yourself to me.  I promise to love you and all that you are.
  2. I want nothing more than to enjoy being with you.  Remember your promise to love me – warts and all.
  3. My life was aimless until I met you.  Now you are all that matters – you have become my life.
  4. Pleasing you in every moment and at every turn is my overriding desire.
  5. There are people who want to divert me, but my mind is set on loving you.
  6. Even when I awake at night, I smile thinking of ways to show you that I love you.  
  7. I aim to make all your friends, my friends too, especially those who love you the most.
  8. The world is a great place to be when I see it through your eyes, Lord.  

Parent to a young child

  1. You promised to love me and care for me, Lord and I see this in so many ways.
  2. I have learned to do as I am told, now teach me to think for myself.
  3. So often I got in to trouble when I ignored your instructions but now, I am quick to do what you say. 
  4. You are good and want the best for me – teach me to be good too.
  5. I could easily be distracted by those who have no sense of purpose, but I have set my heart on what you have taught me.
  6. Their lives lack love, sympathy and common sense – all the things I love about you.
  7. When I make mistakes, it has brought me back to you, with ears ready to listen.
  8. I would rather be like you, than be rich but have no sense of responsibility.

Creator (1)

  1. You made me according to your pattern and your have given me strengths and abilities – now give me the sense to live life your way.
  2. My trust is in the purpose you have for me – may those who have given up, find hope because of this.
  3. I sometimes wish that I could be someone that I am not – thank you Lord, that you put my feet back on the ground.
  4. You promised to love me completely and without reservation – may this knowledge be at the core of who I am.
  5. May you be close to me wherever I go and whatever I do – show me how to live.
  6. Help me to listen to you and not be distracted by those who claim to know better.
  7. Please help me to build strong friendships with people who love you too – may we learn from you together.
  8. May I see myself as you see me so that I have a strong sense of self-worth.


  1. My mind is a cacophony of jumbled feelings and I am desperate for the listening ear you promised.
  2. I can’t see any further than having time with you.  When will that be?
  3. I have locked myself away, unable to take anymore criticism – my thoughts of you are my only comfort.
  4. Please come soon and help me to understand the criticisms I have taken.
  5. For their own ends they have attacked me and my work and have completely discredited me.
  6. I need your reassurance and advice – you always see things so clearly.
  7. It is only the thought of your friendship and wisdom that is keeping me going.
  8. Your friendship means the world to me – come and help me to get back on my feet again.


  1. The purpose of your organisation is focused and set forever, Lord.
  2. You are fully committed to its achievement through every era and you will remain so while time lasts.
  3. The “Lord’s Way”, which you developed at the Beginning, is still the best way of delivering your plans.
  4. I am fully motivated to play my part in achieving your goals – without this life would be meaningless.  
  5. I will always stick to your groundrules for they give the direction I need when times are uncertain.
  6. Help me to set clear priorities which save me from being overwhelmed, for I am working hard to achieve your targets.
  7. Though there are plenty of obstacles and blockers, I am keeping a clear and focused mind on your goals.
  8. While all leadership styles come and go, the “Lord’s Way” will be the best practice for all time.


  1. I love reading your book and I keep thinking about all that you have written.
  2. Your wisdom makes me wiser than those who disagree with me because your ideas are relentless.  
  3. My tutors are now struggling to teach me because I have learned so much – I can’t get your words out of my mind.
  4. Even those who have a lifetime of experience are surprised when they see how much I have learned.  I will keep putting your thoughts in to practice.
  5. I have stuck exactly to your guidance, refusing to try what are called alternative ways.
  6. It is so easy to understand your teaching and I have stuck to every piece of advice.
  7. I cannot put your books down and when I am not reading them, I can’t stop thinking about them.
  8. I am sticking closely to your advice and guidance because the understanding you give is so clear.


  1. The treatment regime that you have given me shapes my life and it has brought me hope of a better future.
  2. I promised you that I would stick to it and I will – it will continue to be my daily routine.
  3. Illness had brought me much discomfort, Lord, but you have restored me to health.
  4. Thank you for you are knowledgeable, skilled and wise – continue to give me your guidance, Lord.
  5. Sometimes it seems like there is still a long way to go but I will stick to your plan.
  6. There are always temptations to cut corners or to take the easy option, but I will not get deflected.
  7. Your regime has become my most valuable and enduring asset, and it brings me much hope and happiness.
  8. I am determined to follow your plan while ever I have breath.

Creator (2)

  1. I struggle with those who cannot accept the obvious – it is your life in me that gives me purpose.  
  2. You have shaped me and that gives me hope, knowing that you will protect and guard me.
  3. I am dropping from my life all those who want to twist my thinking and distract me from my Creator.
  4. Stick to your promise to nurture and strength me – rebuild my hope when setbacks come.
  5. Keep me strong and I will come through – I will keep my mind focused on your guidelines.
  6. You have weeded out all those who could not stick to your plans.  They are deluding themselves.  
  7. You have identified those who were undermining your work and you have kicked them out – this has strengthened my resolve.
  8. I am scared of letting you down, but I am determined to live your life to the full.  

Community police officer

  1. Don’t leave me alone to cope with my noisy neighbours for I have tried to be fair and reasonable.
  2. Please bring me some peace and quiet – don’t let these people continue their inconsiderate behavior.
  3. I am struggling to see an impact of your involvement so far and to see you deliver on your promise.
  4. I am in your hands – please act quickly to help me whilst showing me what I can do for myself.
  5. Help me to understand your approach to good relationships and then I can act on your advice.
  6. Lord, it is time for you to push them as they have ignored all your requests.
  7. But I have taken your advice as the best and only thing to do.
  8. You are right about how we should live together, and I hate the way that they ignore you.

School teacher

  1. Your teaching is clear and precise – no wonder I am learning so quickly.
  2. Your classes are stimulating and relevant and even those who struggle in other subjects are learning quickly in yours.
  3. I get excited every time a lesson with you comes around, as you inspire me to learn.
  4. Please be patient when I misunderstand or gets things wrong, as you do with all your pupils.
  5. Check my understanding frequently so I do not get the wrong end of the stick for long.
  6. Protect me from those who tease me by calling me the teacher’s pet – then I will learn even better.
  7. Please continue to help and support me as you teach me throughout the year.
  8. I get really upset when other pupils bad-mouth you and your lessons.


  1. Lord, the rules are good for the game and you apply them fairly and consistently.
  2. I trust the decisions you make as they are always correct.
  3. People challenge your decisions too often and even the rules themselves and I loathe their attitude.
  4. You know the rules well and have overseen many games.  I love your promise to do so with fairness and consistency.
  5. I might only be one player, but I do not forget who is in charge.
  6. Your fairness and impartiality are legendary, and you always explain your rulings.
  7. In the heat of the game, when I feel like administering my own justice, I am pleased to remember that you are in charge.
  8. May I play with a smile on my face and always leave you to manage the rest.

A team leader in tough times

  1. I really need your help, Lord.  Give me your support and guidance and I will stick to it.
  2. Please listen to me – show me how I might proceed, and I will deliver your goals.
  3. I wake up long before dawn with my mind pouring over what to say to you.  I need your help.
  4. My mind is racing so I cannot sleep at night, but I remember how you have stood beside me in the past.
  5. Your instinct is always to support your team and stick by them, Lord and this gives me confidence in you.    
  6. I know the blockers are out to challenge me, but they are using me to get at you.
  7. You are sticking by me, Lord, encouraging me and your advice will see me through.
  8. I have always had confidence in you because you will always lead with care, fairness and respect.    

Living in troubled times (1)

  1. Lord, I have not forgotten your promise to love and care for me, but I am sick with worry as we live in troubling times.
  2. Please understand my concern, stand by my side and keep your promise to protect me.
  3. The terrorists seem beyond help.  They claim your name and your cause but all they spread is hate.  
  4. Lord, you love and forgive all of us – please reassure me with your presence and care.
  5. There are many things said that worry and shake me, but I am focused on seeing things from your perspective.
  6. I am sickened by those who claim to know and serve you, but I do not recognise the God they preach.
  7. I love reading of your unending love for me, Lord – may your presence revive and restore me.
  8. Whatever is said and done, you are just, fair and true and you will lead forever.  

Living in troubled times (2)

  1. The speeches and thoughts of the world’s leaders are a cause for concern, but your purpose is the one thing that challenges my heart.
  2. I get excited by your plans like someone making a great discovery.
  3. I love your honesty and openness but hate the half-truths and divisive messages that are so common.
  4. Above everything else you are fair and just, and I will remember this continually during the day.
  5. Those of us who listen to you have deep peace of mind and keep close to you.
  6. I can’t wait for the world to know you, Lord and in the meantime I will follow your example.
  7. I am modeling my character on yours because I love how you see things and what you do.
  8. Encourage me to be like you because you know all about me.

When I need to return to you

  1. Lord, my greatest desire is to be close to you – please give me a focused mind.
  2. Listen to my heartfelt prayers and show me that you hear them.
  3. You tell me how much I mean to you – teach me to tell you how much I love you.
  4. You speak to me about your plans for me – show me how to sing of what you mean to me.
  5. I want to love as you do – give strength to my weak hands.
  6. Lord, give me your wisdom as I have made a mess of my relationships and work.
  7. Your way of living is attractive – may others see how I live and then think of you.
  8. I have been so distant from you – so search me out because I have not forgotten you.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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