Psalm 53 reimagined

Note: whilst this is the same as Psalm 14, I have deliberately rewritten it with no reference to what I did with that Psalm.  I came to it fresh.

A psalm and mediation written by David and given to the Choir Director to arrange.

  1. Be careful saying “We all know that there isn’t a Creator”.  Some people use this as a justification to excuse their own wrongdoing, but it rarely ends well.
  1. From his / her vantage point, the Creator reviews how all humanity is living, to see if anyone takes the time to think about him / her.
  2. Sadly, it seems as though they all ignore him / her and as a consequence they have become unprincipled.  There is no-one who is kind-hearted and considerate – not one.
  1. Will those who do not believe in principles and morals never learn?  What starts with denying the existence of the Creator and neglecting the consequences, always ends up with oppressing people.
  2. They open themselves up to the horror of a Godless world, which is a frightening prospect.  If they reject the Creator, eventually he / she will reject them, and humiliation and death will follow.
  1. Who will the Creator send to liberate his / her people?  When the Creator rebuilds his / her followers, they will celebrate with great pleasure.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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