Psalm 54 reimagined

A psalm which David wrote to recall the time when the Ziphite family told King Saul, David’s oppressor, “We know where David is hiding.”  David gave this psalm to the Choir Director to arrange with an accompaniment of a string orchestra.

  1. Muster all your strength and come and extricate me, my Creator.  Protect me with all your determination.
  2. My Creator, I am appealing to you.  Hear and respond to my request.
  3. Aggressive people, who I do not know, are assaulting me and their aim is to take me down.  Creator, you are the last thing on their minds.  


  1. My Creator is my partner; the Boss protects and sustains me.
  2. May the cruel schemes of my opponents rebound back on them.  Stick to your undertaking to me and quash all their plans.
  1. I dedicate myself to following you; I will speak highly of all the considerate things that you have done for me, Lord.
  2. When I was sinking under many hardships you liberated me, and you enabled me to overcome my enemies.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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