Psalm 55 reimagined

This psalm was written by David and given to the Choir Director to be arranged with the accompaniment of a string orchestra.

  1. Pay attention to my appeal, my Creator.  Focus on my plea for assistance.
  2. Please listen and hear but then give me a response because I am overcome by many hardships.
  3. My opponents are ganging up on me with their menace and denunciations.  They pursue me in a rage adding to my torment.
  1. My heart is thumping hard with fear and I despair of life itself.
  2. I am drowning in dread and foreboding – I can’t settle down and find peace.
  3. The birds can evade danger by simply flying away and trouble behind.  I envy them.
  4. Oh, that I could escape to a quiet place, far from anywhere.


  1. Given half a chance, you would not see me for dust – anything to escape this oppression.
  1. Disorientate their focus, Boss and thwart their schemes.  The consequences of their actions are all too clear as the levels of hostility and brutality increase.
  2. All the talk is of how to protect ourselves from the enemy outside, but our real concern should be with the hatred within.  
  3. Relationships are breaking down because all that is heard is intimidation and deceit.
  1. As for me, if it was just our opponents that concerned me, I could easily handle that.  If nothing else, I could have created distance from my rivals, but it is not them who is shamefully abusing me.
  2. No, it is someone who has been my trusted partner, close colleague and soul mate.
  3. We were once inseparable and enjoyed nothing more than worshipping our Creator together.
  1. May those who bring fear, fear for their own lives.  May they wallow in their own depravity.
  1. I will shout out my worries to my Creator, and the Lord will liberate me.
  2. Every moment of every day, my anguish causes me to roar out in prayer and he / she pays attention to my needs.
  3. He / she frees me from the attacks being made on me and protects me from those who will not give up.
  4. My God has been in control since the beginning of time and he / she will listen to me and bring them down.


My assailants will never stop what they are doing since they have no respect for the Creator.

  1. As for my partner, he has disowned all his colleagues and gone back on his undertakings.
  2. It is so easy to be taken in by the words he says, but his real intention is to create conflict.  His speeches are smooth and good to hear, but they always lead to hostility.
  1. Let the Lord take your troubles and give you support.  Those who trust in him / her will stand firm and always walk with confidence.
  1. Creator, you will let the depraved drown in their own cruelty.  Those who are violent and cruel will not survive long, but my hope is in you to restore me.  

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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