Psalm 56 reimagined

A psalm written by David and given to the Choir Director to arrange for it to be sung to the tune of “Dove on Distant Oaks”.  The psalm recalls the time when David, on the run from King Saul, had to go to enemy territory where he was seized by the Philistines whilst in their town of Gath.

  1. My Creator be lenient to me because I am being harassed.  My opponents are taking every opportunity to abuse me.
  2. There is a constant smear campaign against me, and I am taking some tough criticism.
  3. I feel intimidated – but I am relying on you.
  4. My Creator has pledged to care for me and has been faithful to me over many years.  With all my hope in my Creator, why should I be intimidated?  What harm can ordinary people do to me?
  1. Not content with taking my words and misrepresenting me, they are creating schemes to ruin me.
  2. They study every move I make, looking to find an opportunity to discredit me and put an end to my work.
  3. My Creator do not let them get away with their scheming.  May your frustration drive you to undermine their plans.
  1. You are familiar with all my heartaches and have seen each and every tear.  Nothing has escaped your notice.
  1. My Creator will take up my case and when my rivals see that I have enlisted his / her help, they will give up.
  2. The Creator has assured me of his / her help, and I am delighted for his / her support.  The Lord has guaranteed to defend me, and nothing could mean more to me.
  3. With all my hope in my Creator, why should I be intimidated?  What harm can ordinary people do to me?
  1. In thanks for your help, Creator, I promise to follow you and I commit myself wholly to your cause.
  2. For you have liberated me from a certain downfall and have given me a solid base for the future.  I am going to fall in step alongside you, Creator and enjoy the pleasure of your company.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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