Psalm 40 reimagined

A psalm which David gave to the choir director to arrange.

  1. I let out a plea for help and paused with resignation.  The Lord heard me and stopped to help.
  2. He / she tugged on my arm and pulled me clear of the swamp.  He / she put me on safe ground and let me lean on him / her for support.
  3. His / her help has caused my heart to fill with joy, so I sing a song of thanks to my Creator.  Those around have noticed my rescue and, in their amazement, have put their hope in the Lord.
  1. Gratitude characterises those who hope in the Lord rather than in the latest celebrity or fashion.
  2. Lord my Creator, you have amazed us with your many exploits and your proposals for our future are too many to retain.  There is no-one like you.  There is not enough time to recount all your startling achievements even if I could recall them.
  1. You take no pleasure in ceremonies or gifts.  You have tried to tell me this before and I have finally grasped it – I cannot earn your forgiveness and I am unable to buy your friendship.
  2. I said, “I have come to be with you.  I have read your book and understand how you like things to be.
  3. You have placed your purpose in my heart, and it is my pleasure to play my role in achieving it, my Creator.”
  1. I have spoken out boldly about the need for justice to anyone who will listen – you have seen me do this, Lord.
  2. I could have kept quiet but instead my heart has bubbled over with recounting stories of your even-handedness, your trustworthiness and your liberating power.  I have spoken openly to your followers about your never-ending love and devotion, to anyone who would listen.
  1. Lord please be tender-hearted towards me.  May your never-ending love and devotion always safeguard me.
  2. I am overwhelmed by hardships, trapped in by many problems.  My own offences weigh me down and they dominate my thinking. I can’t find a way forward and this has drained all my confidence.
  1. Lord, please free me.  I need your support – please be quick.
  2. Please handle those who are trying to ruin my reputation – may they be embarrassed and discredited.  May those who take pleasure in my hardship experience loss of face.
  3. Let all those who gloated and said, “finally we have taken him down,” be frightened when they themselves are humiliated.
  1. May all who seek you, find deep delight and pleasure in you.  May all those who loved your rescue shout “The Lord is remarkable.”
  2. For myself, being disadvantaged and destitute, may I be in the Boss’s thoughts.  You are my guardian and deliverer, please be quick to help, my Creator.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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