Psalm 39 Reimagined

A psalm which David gave to Jeduthun, the choir director, so that he could make a choral arrangement.  

  1. I resolved what I should do – I promised myself, “I must watch how I behave and what I say so I do not do wrong.  I will keep my mouth closed especially when those who do not follow the Lord are around.”
  2. As a consequence, I never spoke, not even to voice my gratitude for all the pleasing things around me.  I felt constrained and a big pressure from within.
  3. My churning thoughts built up inside and, in the end, I had to let off steam:
  4. “Lord, help me to be mindful of how short my life will be.  My existence is ephemeral, and my remaining days can easily be counted.
  5. Compared to your time, I will just come and go, lasting no longer than the blink of an eye or an exhaled breath.”


  1. We move through the world with no more impact than a shadow.  We busy ourselves and we make money, but to what end?
  2. Where should I rest my hope, Boss?  I put my hope in you – nothing else would make any sense.
  3. Save me from my instinct to oppose you so that those with no common sense cannot make fun of me.
  4. I cannot defend myself – there is nothing I can say for you are right to reprimand me.
  5. Please go easy on me as your challenges are sucking the life from me.
  6. When you correct us for our wrongdoings, our determination seeps away.  Remember how short-lived we are.


  1. I appeal to you, Lord.  Listen to my pleas for support.  I am crying and pleading to you.  My ancestors were nomads travelling through the land and I am the same, a guest in your country.  
  2. Remove your heavy hand from me so that I can regain my happiness before my time comes and I am no more.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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