Psalm 41 reimagined

A psalm which David wrote and gave to the choir director to arrange.

  1. The people who are compassionate to those in need will find pleasure in living.  The Lord will free them from the hardships that come their way.
  2. The Lord gives them life and is their guardian.  He / she ensures that they succeed in the place that he / she has put them, and he / she delivers them from their opponents.
  3. The Lord supports them when they are unwell and returns them to full strength.
  1. “Forgive me, Lord, and be tender-hearted towards me,” I begged.  “Restore me even though I have wronged you, my Healer.”
  2. My oppressors are in my face saying malicious things – “let it be the end of him and then we can forget him altogether.”
  3. They pretend to be caring friends when they come but I know that they are looking for scandal which they can spread around when they leave.
  4. All who despise me picture the worst about me and then gossip it around.
  5. “He is dying and will never get up again,” they say.
  6. Even my soulmate in whom I had complete confidence and with whom I shared everything, has deserted me.
  1. Take pity on me, Lord.  Heal me and restore me so that I can put them in their place.
  2. I know that you are happy with me for you have ensured that my adversaries have not got the better of me.
  3. I am still alive because you have sustained me.  You know that I am blameless, and you have given me a place in your family for all time.
  1. Pay tribute to the Lord, the Creator, the one who gave life to my ancestors.  He / she is the God of eternity, who was there at the beginning of time and will be at the end.

Let everyone agree with this.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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