Psalm 124 reimagined – version 1

This song was written by David and sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city.

Version 1: escape from persecution

Note – this psalm was clearly a celebration of the exodus when the Lord freed the children of Israel from slavery.  I have not experienced that type of persecution but given that it is common in the modern world I have attempted to rewrite the psalm in that mode.

  1. What would have happened had the Lord not been with us?
  2. What would have happened had the Lord not been with us when our lives and freedom hung in the balance?
  3. In their fierce anger they would have overwhelmed and destroyed us.
  4. We would have been completely at their mercy and open to anything they wanted to do.  
  5. Their deep hatred would have seen the complete destruction of everything we are and have.  
  1. But you, Lord, were with us – you did not let them get to us.
  2. We saw a way out and made our escape.  Their ambush failed and we are free.
  3. Lord, you made all that can be seen as well as what cannot be seen, and you give us all the protection we need.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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