Psalm 124 reimagined – version 2

This song was written by David and sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city.

Version 2: daring to be different.

Note – about standing out for the Lord’s way in a society that thinks we are misguided.

  1. Does the Lord’s presence really dominate our lives?  Let’s ask the question honestly and say it how it is.
  2. Does the Lord’s presence really dominate our lives, or have we lost his / her distinctive edge?
  3. The climate of hate and intolerance could overwhelm us.
  4. We might be engulfed by the apathy which does nothing about injustice or the fury that results when comfortable lives are challenged.
  5. Everything we stand for could be suffocated by the pressure to conform.
  1. Lord your presence is with us and we have not been pulled apart.
  2. We have broken the grip which the culture placed upon us and we are listening to you.  You have called us to live in your freedom and to show your love, justice and unity.
  3. Lord, you have made all that can be seen as well as what cannot be seen, and you will help us to be distinctive.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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