Psalm 87 reimagined

For the family of Korah, the place to worship the Lord was Jerusalem.  We believe that the Lord is with his people wherever they are and I have reimagined this psalm as a song of celebrating the Lord’s love for the church and the diversity of its members.

Psalm 87 reimagined

A song sung by many generations of Korah’s family.

  1. He / she loves to be with his / her people.  This is where his / her heart is.  
  2. More than all other groups of people, the Lord loves the church the most.
  3. You are the Creator’s family and magnificent stories are told of you.


  1. My church is made up of many followers including those who opposed my people and those who took them captive; those who have fought them and those who have traded with them; and many others from around the world.
  2. In his / her church, everyone is his / her child.  The Greatest-of-all-Time will show his / her loving kindness to them.
  3. The Lord has more than enough spaces in his / her church for followers from every country and people.


  1. His / her followers will make praises to him / her led by many instruments, and they will sing “The Spirit of the Lord gives life to the church.”

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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