Psalm 86 reimagined

A prayer of David.

  1. Bring your ear close, Lord so that I can whisper to you my requests.  Please respond because it’s your assistance I need.
  2. Be my guardian because I am loyal to you.  Rescue me for I depend on you, for you are my Creator.  
  3. Please show me your compassion, Boss for you are the only one to whom I can turn.
  4. May you give me your contentment, Boss for I am wholly committed to you.
  5. Boss you are so thoughtful and willing to overlook our wrongdoings.  Your love towards those who request your assistance is inexhaustible.
  6. Please pay attention to my pleas, my Lord, as my cries are increasingly desperate.
  7. Every time I am in desperate need, I will shout out to you knowing that you will always reply.
  1. People give their priority and devotion to so many different things but none of them can give the assistance and care which you can, Boss.
  2. All your followers, from across the earth, will gather and worship you, the Boss. They will shout out your name.
  3. You are awesome and deliver marvellous feats.  Only you are entitled to be called the Creator.
  1. Please coach me Lord so that I can follow your approach to living authentically.  May your goodness fill my life so that people will see you in me.
  2. With every fibre of my being, I will delight in you, my Boss and my Creator.  I will forever acclaim you for all that you have done.
  3. You love me with a boundless love and you have liberated me from the darkest outcomes.
  1. Creator, arrogant people are attacking me; they are vicious, and their intentions and plans are murderous.  They could not care less about you.
  2. Boss, you are, however, a generous and tender-hearted God; you don’t get infuriated easily and your love and loyalty are boundless.
  3. Come close and show me your compassion.  Give determination to my family and liberate me from this adversity.
  4. Give a clear indication of your kindness to me so that my opponents will be humiliated.  It is you, Lord, who supports and cares for me.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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