Psalm 85 reimagined

A psalm from Korah’s family and given to the Choir Director.

  1. Lord, you have been generous to your people giving them a strong sense of purpose and well-being, enabling them to become prosperous.
  2. You overlooked the wrongdoings of your followers and have released them from their self-reproach.


  1. You have chosen not to scold them and have set aside your righteous outrage.
  1. You are our Creator, please liberate us and rebuild us once more.  Yet again please overlook your frustration with us.
  2. Will you continue to be displeased with us for ever?  Will our children see your annoyance with them as we have?
  3. Please reawaken us so that we can delight in your presence and what you mean to us.
  4. Demonstrate your boundless love to us, Lord, and rescue us.
  1. My God, the Lord is speaking, and I am going to pay close attention to what he / she is saying.  He / she speaks to give wholeness and rest to his / her committed followers, but they must not revert to their short-sighted approach to life.
  2. He / she will definitely be ready to rescue those who think highly of him / her, so we know his / her presence and grandeur in whatever we do and wherever we go.
  1. Inexhaustible love and sincerity have formed a partnership.  Goodness and wholeness are in love with each other.
  2. Sincerity becomes the foundation of all and goodness rains down on our heads.  
  3. We all benefit from the riches the Lord so generously gives us, leading to prosperity and well-being.
  4. As we wait for the Lord to come in love and power, it is his goodness we experience first

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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