Psalm 84 reimagined

A psalm written by Korah’s family and given to the Choir Director to be arranged to be sung to the accompaniment of a guitar.

  1. I love to be in your family home, Lord, the commander of all creation’s forces.
  2. Lord, I yearn to be with all your followers.  In fact, I am desperate to join them in acclaiming you with my whole being and to shout out to you, my God, in joy.
  3. All of creation is welcome in your home.  Even the smallest birds nest and care for their young amongst the worshippers.  You are the Lord, the commander of all creation’s forces, our leader and our Creator.
  4. We are delighted to be your family and to live with you in your home.  We will express our love and adoration to you for ever.


  1. Those who follow you find fulfilment when they commit their whole being to you, relying on you for their life.
  2. Even when sadness and mourning come, they can find comfort in you.  Your company will reinvigorate their flagging spirits and your presence will bring healing and rest.
  3. As they follow you, they will become fruitful and single minded, growing until they move to live in your home, Creator.
  1. Lord, Creator, commander of all creation’s forces, take in my requests.  Please pay attention to me, you who are the Creator of all your people.


  1. My Creator give your support to our protector and guardian.  Be generous to your chosen leader.
  1. I would not swap one day in your home, enjoying your company, for the opportunity to spend years in any other place.  Given a free hand, I would rather wash dishes in your kitchen, Creator, than live it up with people who have no respect for you.
  2. The Lord, our Creator give us life and protection.  The Lord is kind-hearted and shares his / her riches with us.  As we follow him / her, he / she will always be generous towards us.
  3. Lord, the commander of all creation’s forces, everyone who follows you discovers real delight and true well-being.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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