Psalm 88 reimagined

A psalm written by Heman the Ezrahite based on an original psalm written by Korah’s family. The psalm was given to the Choir Director to be arranged to be sung to the tune “The suffering of affliction”.

  1. Lord, my Creator, you are the one who will liberate me.  I plead for your help continually during the day and even at night I turn to you for support.
  2. Pay attention to my requests – take notice of my anguish.
  3. My hardships are growing, and my end seems close.
  4. My stamina has sapped away, and my resilience has gone.  I have nothing to keep me going.
  5. Those who attended to me have deserted me.  I am motionless as though already dead.  Everyone ignores me, I don’t even receive your attention.
  6. You have discarded me and tossed me as far from your presence as I can get.
  7. I am overwhelmed by your displeasure, it crushes me from all sides.


  1. You have made me so revolting that it has forced me away from those who love me.  The signs are clear – this will not end well.
  2. Sorrow fills my heart and tears my eyes so that I cannot see a way forward.  Lord, every day I appeal for your care and I plead for your tender-heartedness.
  3. Please do not delay.  What good will a miracle be when I am gone?  When I am buried will I rise to pay tribute to you?


  1. Once laid in the coffin and buried, will someone declare your boundless love?  In the midst of decay, will they speak out about your dependability?
  2. Do they recall your awesome achievements in the abyss?  In the place beyond memories, will they discuss your goodness?
  3. Lord, I shout out “may this not be so for me!”  I will keep on making this demand every day, while I still can.
  4. Lord, why do you spurn me?  Why are you so distant?
  1. I have lived with this illness since my youth and death has been my companion ever since.  The future terrifies me but what can I do?
  2. I am drowning in your outrage.  My fears have disabled me.
  3. I am sinking in the horrors of what will happen, and they have overwhelmed and suffocated me.
  4. You have driven away my close family and friends and terror is my only companion.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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