Psalm 72 reimagined

A psalm written by Solomon

  1. May our leader share your desire for fairness and equal rights, Creator, and may his successors share your goodness.
  2. May the courts administer justice impartially in the nation and may the disadvantaged be managed equitably.
  3. May there be health and prosperity for each person and each family, and may there be food for all.
  4. Assist our leader to safeguard the rights of the underprivileged and to protect the children, convicting their abusers.
  5. May our leaders and people respect you for all time.  Indeed forever.
  1. May our leaders govern in a way that brings well-being and prosperity to the people.
  2. May your followers be encouraged and grow in their faith and may there always be success for all.
  3. Give our government a sense of responsibility for all our land and people.
  4. May migrants find their place to contribute and receive, and those who would challenge us be content with co-operation.
  5. The leaders in the West will make trade agreements and those in the East will exchange technology.
  6. The leaders of all nations will seek co-operation and research agreements.
  1. He will look to change the fate of the disadvantaged when they appeal for help; he will take the side of the abused when no-one will represent them.
  2. His heart goes out to the vulnerable and deprived – he will release them.
  3. He values each one for who they are and will protect them from injustice and cruelty.
  1. May our leader live a long life.  May he be given international recognition, and may his people pray for him.  May they give him encouragement rather than criticism. 
  2. May the country prosper with sufficient food for all mouths.  May the people grow and have a sense of purpose and achievement.
  3. May the leader’s reputation last for all generations and his achievements be remembered as long as the universe exists.  May all countries experience the benefits of his leadership and give him the recognition he deserves.
  1. Give tribute to the Lord, our Creator, who has liberated his / her followers.   Only he / she can do amazing things.
  2. Acclaim him / her by chanting his / her name forever.  Let the whole earth resound with their tributes and may they experience his / her presence.  Let us agree to this prayer.
  3. (This is the conclusion of the psalms of David, Jesse’s son).

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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