Psalm 71 reimagined

  1. Please be my guardian, Lord and always save me from humiliation.
  2. Deliver me and release me for you know what is best.  Pay attention to my appeal and liberate me.
  3. Be the bodyguard who keeps me secure no matter what.  Ensure that I am rescued because you are my guardian and protector.
  4. Save me, Creator, from the devious plans of the corrupt and the taunts of the bullies.
  5. My dreams begin and end in you, Boss and it’s been that way for my whole life.
  6. Your loving kindness was with me in the womb and your presence has stayed with me since birth.  It’s no surprise that I am always telling you how much I love you.
  1. May I be a role model for your followers because I have made you my guardian.
  2. You are on my mind all the time – I love you.  I pay tribute to you in every moment, night and day.
  3. Do not neglect me now that I am old.  My body is failing so I need your energy and resilience more than ever.
  4. I am the subject of a whispering campaign and they are scheming to remove me.
  5. Their whispers say, “Even the Creator has forgotten him.  There is no-one to stop us from taking control.”
  1. Creator, please come close to me.  Be quick and come to my aid, my Creator.
  2. Expose my detractors for who they are and ruin all their scheming.  Embarrass and discredit those who plan to injure me.
  3. My trust is in your support to me; my love for you keeps growing stronger.
  4. Though words often fail me, I will talk about your faithfulness to everyone I meet, and I will speak of your ability to rescue.
  5. I will affirm your amazing achievements; you are my unrivalled Boss.  I will describe your unparalleled fairness to everyone I meet.
  1. Creator, you were my first teacher and I continue to learn from you.  I will take every opportunity to describe your outstanding exploits.
  2. Stick with me, my Creator, even though my mind and body are failing.  Equip me to speak of you, your drive and your triumphs to the rising generation.
  1. You are unique, my Creator.  Your goodness fills the universe and your achievements are outstanding.
  2. Despite your presence, life has been tough and there have been times of real challenge, but you will rejuvenate me and will restore to me what death would take away.
  3. You will renew me with the fulness of your life and you will be my purpose.
  1. I will pick up my guitar and play with gratitude to you, because you have been dependable and have kept your commitments.  I will sing out my love for you, the Creator of all your people.
  2. I will sing out my thanks and acclaim your actions because you have liberated me.
  3. In every moment, I will recount your good and fair achievements, for everyone who was set on causing me harm has been embarrassed and discredited.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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