Psalm 59 reimagined

A psalm written by David and given to the Choir Director for arrangement to be sung to the tune of “Do Not Destroy!”  It recalls the time when King Saul sent soldiers to David’s house in order to look for a good time to assassinate him.

  1. Creator set me free from the adversaries who surround me.  Safeguard me from the assassins who would slaughter me.
  2. Liberate me from these wrong doers; spare me from their murderous intents.  
  3. I am surrounded and trapped.  They will be merciless in fulfilling their contract, Lord – it is not personal with them.
  4. They will strike at me even though I am innocent.  Stir yourself.  Open your eyes to see what is going on and give me your support.  
  5. Lord, you are commander of all creation’s forces, you are our Creator, get up and defeat all these aggressive opponents.  Do not hold back from dealing with these vicious dissidents.


  1. They use darkness as a cover for their cruelty and atrocities.
  2. What they say is obscene and caustic.  They think that because they are strong, no-one can challenge them.
  3. They do not intimidate you, Lord.  You ridicule their aggression and bluster.
  4. You have courage when I do not.  I will be patient for your liberation, my Creator, for you will safeguard me.
  5. My Creator will stay close to me because his / her love for me is inexhaustible.  With the Creator the outcome is certain – he / she will defeat my adversaries.
  1. Do not punish them by execution, because they will soon be forgotten and others will take their place; overwhelm them and force them to surrender, our Boss and our protector.
  2. Because of the depravity of their conversation and their vicious accusations, let their arrogance bring them down, their condemnations of others be turned on them and their lies be shown for what they are.
  3. May your indignation drive you to bring them down and put an end to their evil schemes.  All the nations will then know that you, the Creator, protect your followers.


  1. My adversaries use darkness as a cover for their cruelty and atrocities.
  2. They search for something to satisfy their appetite, but they fall asleep hungry.
  1. My heart is full of gratitude for your protection.  I will start every day singing with delight about your inexhaustible love.  For you have safeguarded and cared for me during my troubles.
  2. You are my resolve and I will sing my heart out to you, for you have surrounded me with your protection, my Creator.  You are the one whose love for me is inexhaustible.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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