Psalm 58 reimagined

A psalm which David gave to the Choir Director to arrange for singing to the tune called “Do Not Destroy.”

  1. Leaders, do you understand the importance of being fair-minded and impartial?  Do you make decisions based on equity – treating people as people?
  2. This is not what I see.  Too often your decisions follow a personal bias and you cause division and relationship breakdown.
  3. These unprincipled leaders started as we all do, being born as wrongdoers; they soon learned to deceive people and followed entirely their own agenda.
  4. They hurt people by the spiteful things they utter, and they close their ears to what people say, squeezing the life out of those who get close to them.
  5. The advice or correction of people who are wiser than them is brushed aside, even when delicately put.
  1. Creator nullify their harmful words and take away their courage and strength, Lord.
  2. May their attacks become impotent and remove them to where they can do no harm.
  3. May they disappear without a trace and be forgotten by those who knew them.
  4. He / she will sweep them up and remove them, whatever age they are.  He / she will not hesitate or hold back.
  1. The followers of the Lord will be delighted when they see cruelty punished.  They will celebrate with those who are liberated.
  2. When justice prevails, all will see it and say, “Now we see the benefit of following the Creator; he / she brings fairness to relationships by providing sound judgement.”

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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