Psalm 137 reimagined – version 1

Version 1: the cry of the refugees

  1. Among the tents of our makeshift camp, our hope drips away with our tears as we think of the home we have been forced to leave behind.
  2. We have hidden away our stories and songs as they are too painful to recall.
  3. Our oppressors robbed us of our hope and identity as they robbed us of our homes.
  4. How can we celebrate our identity in the Lord, when we live from the gifts of people we do not know?
  1. If I forget my home and my life there, I will have lost all my faith and hope.
  2. May I lose my voice, and may my songs stick in my mouth if I forget my family who died and the joy I have in your presence.
  1. Lord, remember those who armed our aggressors and those who saw it happen and did nothing.
  2. May those who defeat our enemies experience real victory as they repay those who caused our torment.
  3. May our aggressors be robbed of their future and their freedom as they have robbed us of ours.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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