Psalm 137 reimagined – version 2

Version 2: being far from the Lord

  1. My heart is breaking, tears roll down my cheeks, as I think of how far from you I feel.
  2. I have set aside my favourite worship songs and bible passages as they no longer speak to me of you.  
  3. The voice in my head says, “if there was a God he / she would not let this happen” and I can fight it no longer.  
  4. How can I sing in worship when nothing around me speaks of your presence, Lord?
  1. But I remember being in your presence and giving you my deepest worship.
  2. May being with you be my highest goal – more than all my other hopes.
  1. The life I live, Lord, speaks so little of you – it sucks your joy and presence from me.
  2. Yet this is the world for whom you died and the world you want me to work with you to free.
  3. Fill me with your Spirit, so that I may bring your life to all those places that do not know you.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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