Psalm 135 reimagined

  1. Let’s worship the Lord.

Give the Lord the recognition he / she deserves.  Whatever you do, give him / her praise.  

  1. You may work in the church, for the cause of justice on behalf of the Creator, in your home or a place of work – wherever you are, show the Lord your love.
  1. Sing love songs to the Lord as you think of how much he / she loves you – remember especially how good he / she has been to you.
  2. For the Lord has chosen you to be in his / her family and he / she loves you personally.
  1. The Lord stands out above all the other things in which people put their trust – he / she is more distinctive and successful.
  2. The Lord took great pleasure in making all that we can see as well as all that we cannot see, and he / she continues to maintain and remake it.
  3. The pattern of the weather was his / her invention including the wide variety of clouds, the powerful wind, the refreshing rain and the brilliant lightening.
  1. When the Pharaoh and people of Egypt enslaved the Lord’s family, he / she stood up for them, giving them miraculous signs and support.
  2. Pharaoh took no notice until the first-born children and animals were killed.
  3. The Lord saved his / her people when other kings tried to destroy them.
  4. He / she gave his / her people victory and those nations were destroyed themselves.
  5. He / she led them into their own land in which they could live as special to him / her.  
  1. Your reputation Lord will continue to build for all time, and you are famous in every decade.
  2. The Lord will ensure his / her family are treated with fairness and will show his / her loving care to all who are his / hers.
  1. People build their lives around many hopes, but these are all human creations or ideas.
  2. They appear to have something profound to say but are devoid of real content; they seem to have insight but in practice they lack depth.
  3. They want to be heard but do not listen; they do not stop to take breath for fear of discovering their pointless lives.
  4. Sadly, they encourage people to copy them, but it is all going nowhere.
  1. Church of God adore the Lord.  Leaders, give the Lord your utmost respect.
  2. Those who serve the Lord and his / her people, congratulate him / her.  Members of his / her family show him / her respect – cheer and applaud him / her.
  3. May the Lord’s family, the church, tell him / her how great he / she is and remember that he / she is always with them.

Tell the Lord how great he / she is.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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