Psalm 143 reimagined

A Psalm written by David

  1. Lord, hear my cry for help.  You always stick by me and do the best thing.  Please answer me.
  2. I know you could list out my mistakes as reasons for not helping but I know that you will support me.
  3. I feel pushed into a corner.  I am down on my knees and the future looks black.
  4. My mind is dominated by anxieties that are destroying all my hope.
  5. I recall your care for me in the past – the amazing guidance and support you have given.
  6. I am on my knees praying for your help.  Come be with me and I will soak up your presence like a dry sponge.


  1. Come now Lord, please.  I need your help before I lose my mind.  Its only you that keeps me going.
  2. Speak to me of your never-ending love each morning to awaken my faith in you.  Please guide me because without you, I will be completely lost.
  3. I will grasp your arm and plead to be held.  Extricate me from my fears.
  4. Give me directions for the route I should follow, my Creator and may your Spirit stay beside me until I am on familiar ground.
  5. Help me to hold it all together so that others will see what you have done.  You never give up on me, so I plead with you to release me from this darkness.
  6. May your deep love silence my anxieties and eliminate my fears, for I am your follower.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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