Psalm 142 reimagined

A Psalm written by David as a prayer to the Lord when he was hiding in a cave to save his own life

  1. Lord, hear my shout – if you love me, please rescue me, I beg you!
  2. My heart pours out my fears and frustrations to you.  Please listen to me.
  3. I am boxed in and only you can get me out.  As I review my options, all of them are flawed.
  4. I have looked for help but everyone is focused on their own thing.  No-one seems to care.
  5. Finally, I have remembered you and that all the best things come from you.  Help me Lord.
  6. Hear my call for help – I no longer have the strength for anything else.  Deal with my detractors before they overwhelm me.
  7. I will thank you when you rescue me from this prison, and your followers will join me to worship you, for you have been good to me.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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