Psalm 141 reimagined

A Psalm written by David

  1. Please hurry and act Lord.  I call to you so hear my shouts for help.
  2. May my requests be as pleasing to you as whispered words of love or eloquent appreciation.
  1. Please be the editor of my spoken words, Lord, ensuring that I say the right thing.
  2. Remove the hurtful and twisted words so that I do not initiate wrong.  Close my ears to gossip.
  1. Give me friends who are kind enough to correct me and let me accept their comments with love.

May my speech turn to prayers for those whose words and actions are destructive.

  1. When they experience the consequences of their actions, may I be ready to speak to them of you.
  2. May those who create harm soon disappear and be forgotten.
  1. But I need your help Lord, my Boss, for you are in charge.  You alone can save me from drowning in this swamp.
  2. Keep me free from becoming entangled in their deceit and gossip.
  3. In your kindness let me escape but let the hateful sink in their own depravity.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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