Psalm 140 reimagined

A Psalm which David wrote and gave to the Choir Director to arrange.

  1. Lord, save me from those who would hope to do me harm.  Protect me from those who have violent intentions;  
  2. From those who love to promote mayhem and those whose instinct is to cause dissension and division at every turn.
  3. Rescue me from those whose language is full of hatred and spite and who are prepared to lash out at every opportunity.


  1. Lord, you know who is plotting my downfall in secret.  Save me from their personal and damaging attacks.
  2. Those who believe they can do better than I am, are looking to use dishonesty and half-truths to make me incriminate myself.   


  1. Lord, you are my God.  Please hear my pleas for your help.  
  2. Boss, please protect me from these attacks as you have done so in the past.
  3. Lord, do not let these people have their way.  Please disrupt their schemes lest they become the start of something big.


  1. Lord, may those who develop destructive plans, become their own victims.
  2. May they suffer from the mental torment that they look to inflict on others.  May they become trapped in schemes like those that they themselves devised.  
  3. May deceivers and those that lack integrity fail to succeed under my leadership.  May they collapse under the weight of their own dishonesty.
  1. Lord, restore those who are victims – the poor, the abused, the submissive.  Bring justice to them all.
  2. May your people who praise you and know your presence, rise up and move into action.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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