Psalm 139 reimagined

A Psalm of David given to the Choir Director to arrange

  1. You know me, you know my heart, you know all there is to know, Lord.
  2. You know my every movement – sitting, standing, walking.  Even when I think I am far away from you; you know my thoughts.
  3. You see what I get up to – when I am travelling to work or to see friends, or when I am at home relaxing.  You know my whole programme.
  4. You hear my thoughts as clearly as if they were spoken directly to you, Lord.
  5. You want the best for me, so you keep an eye on what is ahead of me and you close out what I have left behind.
  6. I can’t understand how you are able to do this or the love that motivates you.
  1. You are with me wherever I go and whatever I do.  I couldn’t escape your Spirit even if I wanted.
  2. If I were in your secret place, you would be there (of course you would).  If I was in the grave, you would be there too – it holds no fears for you.
  3. If I was to follow the sun round the earth or investigate the great oceans
  4. You would act as my guide, giving me strength and support.
  5. I could look for the darkest place in which to hide, a place where it seems there is no light, 
  6. But even there you would see me.  Darkness does not hide things from you because you see the same in both the light and the dark.
  1. Once I was conceived, it was you that put me together in my mother’s womb, making even the most intricate and delicate parts.
  2. When I look at who I am, I am amazed at the complexity of what you designed and made.  Thank you for creating me.
  3. When it seemed at the start as though I was an inanimate object, you watched over me in the womb making sure everything came together.
  4. You knew me before I was born, and you looked ahead to every moment of every day that was to come.
  1. My God, I cannot capture or hold your thoughts about me – they are many and precious.
  2. I sometimes dream of being with you and knowing how much you love me.  When I wake up your presence is still with me.
  1. My Creator, I get so angry with those who want to destroy our reputation and the things you created.  Distance them from me.
  2. They have no respect for you and even misuse your name.
  3. Can’t I hate those who hate you and despise those who despise you, Lord?  
  4. I will hate them and treat them as your enemies.
  1. Search through my heart and mind, my God, and test out my thoughts especially those that come from frustration and stress.
  2. Bring to the surface all the actions and thoughts that cause you pain and heal them by your presence as you guide me through eternal life with you.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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