Psalm 150 reimagined

  1. Acclaim the Lord.

Whisper words of love to your God when you are alone; let your cheers echo across the universe when you are together.

  1. Congratulate him / her for his / her amazing actions and applaud him / her for his / her excellence.
  2. Hail him / her with a trumpet fanfare and acknowledge him / her with guitar and bass.
  3. Adore him / her with a dance of love and pay tribute to him / her with the full orchestra.
  4. Bless him / her with a gentle rhythm on the bongos and hail him / her with a solo on the full drum kit.
  5. Let all creatures everywhere take a deep breath and sing in unison a song of worship to the Lord.

Acclaim the Lord.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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