Psalm 127 reimagined

This song was written by Solomon and sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city.

Note – the pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem will have seen the temple on the hill ahead.  In this Psalm, Solomon, the king who built the temple gave credit to God for this building.  For us it is the people who make the church.  At a time of holiday, the writer thinks about rest and family.

  1. It is only when the Lord draws together the worshippers that the church becomes strong, regardless of how hard the leaders work.  It is only the Lord who can create a healthy community regardless of the attentions of the support team.  
  2. You work hard and long days to make a difference and to provide for your dependents but remember, God gives rest to those he / she loves.  Let him / her take the strain.
  1. The Lord has given you children – enjoy them because they are a gift from him / her.
  2. Take pleasure in being a parent as it is a valuable and rewarding experience and an end in itself.
  3. Enjoy being in a family with the friendship and purpose it brings.  You will find that this gives you strength to cope with the challenges that come from living alongside other people.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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