Psalm 81 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph and given to the Choir Director for arranging to be sung to the accompaniment of a guitar.

  1. Chant the name of the Creator who gives us life.  Acclaim the Creator who is head of our family.
  2. Go for it! Strike the drums.  Let rip with the keys and guitars.
  3. Agree a time for the church to adore him together.  Let everyone come and join in the celebration.
  4. This is what his / her followers are committed to do – it’s what makes them distinctive.
  5. It’s how they keep in mind his / her great act of rescue.

A voice I did not recognise spoke out:

  1. “You are carrying the weight of other people’s expectations and are dominated by their to-do lists.  I will set you free from all this.
  2. I heard your pleas to be freed from these entanglements and I released you with a great show of strength.  All you needed was not always on tap, but I was faithful and trustworthy.”


  1. “Now is the time for some direct talking.  Pay close attention so that you hear what I have to say.
  2. All too easily you forget that I am the Main Thing and other priorities get pride of place.
  3. Remember, it was I, your Lord and Creator, and I alone, who liberated you to experience real fulfilment.  Open your arms and I will give everything you may ever need or desire.”
  1. “The trouble is that you don’t pay attention.  You want to do things in your own way.
  2. So, I left you to it.  I let you do your own thing – following your own dreams and desires.
  3. It would be much better if you took notice of me, committing yourselves to be my followers.
  4. I would immediately get the better of your oppressors and restrain your antagonists.
  5. Those who loathe what the Lord stands for would recoil, recognising that their strength has gone for ever.
  6. But as for you, my family, I will give you the best of everything to satisfy your needs and to give you true fulfilment.”

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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