Psalm 61 reimagined

A psalm which David gave to the Choir Director to be arranged to the accompaniment of a string orchestra.

  1. Creator, pay attention to my pleas.  Please understand my appeals.
  2. My mind is spinning with confusion and I feel far from you.  I am calling out for you to do something.  Lift me out of my turmoil and place me on solid ground.
  3. You are my shelter from the storm and my bodyguard keeping me from danger.
  4. Let me live with you in your haven for all time, under the gaze of your watchful eye.


  1. I have made my promises to you, my Creator and you have made me one of your family along with all who love and respect you.
  2. May the years of my influence and leadership be long and have an impact over many generations.
  3. May you give me your strong support and guidance for ever, my Creator.  May I know your inexhaustible love and unerring loyalty.
  4. I will take every opportunity to speak highly of all that you mean to me and I will keep my promises to you each day.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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