Psalm 75 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph and given to the Choir Director to arrange to be sung to the tune called “Do Not Destroy”.

  1. We are grateful to you our Creator.  We are grateful to you because you stick close to us.  Right round the world, people recount your amazing feats.
  1. The Creator says, “I want to see fairness, so I will judge the depraved myself, but I will do it in my own time.
  2. When there are natural disasters and when the people are in uproar, I hold all things together.”


  1. “I have just given advanced notice to the arrogant, ‘Stop blowing your own trumpet!’  To the vicious I have said, ‘Stop trying to pick a fight.’
  2. ‘Any fight you pick will be with me and all my forces.  I suggest you think before you speak out your challenge.’
  3. It will not be wise for anyone on earth, wherever they are from and whatever support they have, to start a fight.
  4. Only the Creator has the responsibility to pass judgement. He / she alone decides whose star is in the ascendancy and who has had their day.
  5. The Lord decides on the verdict for each person and he / she does this fairly.  When he / she passes sentence, the guilty must accept it because no-one can defy his / her judgement.
  1. As for me, I will bear witness to what the Creator has done for me.  He / she has brought me into his / her family and so I will adore him / her while ever I have breath. 
  2. The Creator promises, “I will remove the might of the unprincipled but give strength to those who love and follow me.”

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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