Psalm 68 reimagined

A song and poem which David gave to the Choir Director to arrange.

  1. Get up and challenge your opponents, Creator.  Put those who despise you and what you stand for, into retreat.
  2. Be like a strong wind which blows away their attempts to hide the truth.  Melt the strength of their oppression by your refining fire.  Creator, may your dignity and confidence shatter their arrogance.
  3. May your followers know that you are alongside them, Creator.  May they experience the pleasure of your company and a delight which overwhelms them.
  4. Chant out your appreciation of our Creator, shouting out his / her name, the Lord.  Acclaim him / her who fills the whole universe, revelling in his / her presence.
  1. He / she is a parent to those who have no-one to care for them and he / she stands up for those who have no-one to support them.  Our Creator does what is loving and fair.
  2. Our Creator gives companions to those who are on their own.  He releases those caught in cycles of abuse and oppression, giving real purpose to their lives.  But those who are defiant and unruly get the life they create for themselves.  
  1. Our Creator, when you liberated your people you taught them to rely solely on you.


  1. The land shook and darkness turned to light as you rescued your people, Creator; as you gave them freedom, Creator, our Creator.
  2. You poured out your Holy Spirit, Creator, to give new life to your people.
  3. You drew your followers together into one group and provided for them from your lavish stores, Creator.  You met the need of your poorest followers.
  1. The Boss speaks out his / her Good News, and every part of creation passes it on.  
  2. The leaders who would oppose him / her and all their followers go to ground, whilst his / her followers revel in their new-found freedom.
  3. There is good news for those who are poor – their needs are more than met from his / her warehouse of riches.
  4. The Most Powerful One, has dispersed the tyrannical leaders, as a strong wind blows away the dust.
  1. There are many beautiful and exciting places to live in the world but not one compares to the places where our Creator makes his / her home. 
  2. The place where the Creator spends time with his / her followers, where they can enjoy his / her company, is the greatest place of all – the Lord will always be with his people.  
  1. The Creator can muster great power – the Boss controls all the power of the universe and commands the resources of all that cannot be seen.
  2. Yet he / she invites all of us, even those who naturally rebel, to be his / her followers.  The Lord, our Creator likes nothing better than to be with those he / she loves.
  1. Pay tribute to the Boss; acclaim our God who liberates us.  Every day he / she gives us the care and support we need.


  1. God, our God is the one liberates us from all that would enslave us.  Our Boss even saves us from the consequences of death.
  1. Our Creator will break the power of those who abuse and oppress; he will smash those who plot evil together.
  2. The Boss promises “I will break those who govern corruptly and expose those whose oppression is conducted in dark corners.
  3. I will liberate my people to fully enjoy life and give prosperity to those who were oppressed.”
  1. Creator, you have gathered your followers together to celebrate with them and they acclaim your presence, their God and leader.
  2. They worship you with singing and music, and the more agile show their love in dance.
  3. Delight in the Creator all of you, his / her followers; adore the Boss who gives you life.
  4. Watch how he / she lets the humiliated take pride of place, ahead of those who are recognised leaders.  He / she includes those who have been excluded and forgotten.  
  1. Creator now is the time for you to make your stand, to demonstrate the values you want to see.
  2. So, the leaders of all peoples recognise your right to lead and come and commit themselves to follow you.
  3. Expose those who love what you hate – break those who abuse the defenceless and those who oppress the weak.  May they commit to your values and principles.  Tame those who love to create confrontation.
  4. Let the wealthiest countries give you their riches and those with strong heritage bring praise to you their Creator.  
  5. Let all the countries unite in singing tribute to the Creator.  May everyone acclaim the Boss.


  1. Let us cheer the one who was there at the beginning of time and whose powerful voice created the universe.
  2. Share with everyone the story of the Creator’s achievements.  See how he cares for his followers and also for the created universe.
  3. Creator, it is breath-taking to see you in all your greatness.  You give life and passion to all your followers.

Let everyone delight in our Creator.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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