Psalm 43 reimagined

  1. My Creator protect me from my accusers with their unjust motives and from those who concoct false evidence against me.  Please judge me and declare me to be innocent.
  2. You are my Creator, my only place to hide from this oppressive barrage.  Why have you distanced yourself from me?  You have left me feeling bereaved, while my enemies force me into a corner.
  3. Send me your most trusted guide so that I can find my way home to you and I can live under your protection.
  4. I will be happy and liberated in your company, my Creator.  I will speak of my love for you, my God and my gratitude for all that you have done – Creator, my Creator
  1. Why is my soul drained and my heart distraught?  My hope is in my Creator knowing that I will praise him / her again when he / she rescues me.  

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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