Psalm 132 reimagined

This song was sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city.

Note: David was the second king of Israel.  After the Lord had made him a promise that he would be the next king, David spent running for his life from the first king, Saul.  After David became king, he promised the Lord that he would build a temple in Jerusalem where the Lord would be worshipped but the Lord said to David that his son, the next king, would build the temple.  He promised to David that he would have royal descendants for ever.  The pilgrims sang this song as they walked up the hills to Jerusalem, seeing the temple on the hill ahead of them.  Jesus showed us that we do not find the Lord’s presence in a single specific place but especially when we gather to meet Him together.

  1. Lord, remember King David who hid for many years fearing for his life.
  2. He made a sincere and genuine promise to you, Lord, the real and powerful leader of the people.
  3. He promised not to return home or take a rest.
  4. He vowed not to sleep or even take a nap, 
  5. Until he had allocated a space to create a building for your presence, Lord, the real and powerful leader of the people.
  1. Lord you join your people in every place where they meet – in this city, in that village.
  2. We ask for your presence as we come together to worship you, our real and powerful leader.
  3. Come Lord, so we may know you with us, as we remember the cross where you made us your family.
  4. May your Spirit fill our hearts and minds so we can sing your praises with true gratitude.
  5. We worship Jesus, the one who loves us and who sacrificed himself to give us your life.
  6. Lord you made a promise which you will keep for ever – that we will be your family and Jesus will be our leader for all time.
  7. May we stay within your family, loving you and listening to you forevermore.
  1. The Lord has chosen to make his / her home with his / her family the church.
  2. He / she says, “This is where I am at home and the people I want to be with.
  3. I will take care of the people and will make them flourish.  I will ensure the poor have the food they need.
  4. My Spirit will give them the hearts and minds they need to enjoy my presence and sing songs of praise to me.
  5. Jesus will be a strong light that attracts people to find my presence in the church.
  6. Those who oppose him will see the error of their ways and he will be the real and powerful leader of my people.”

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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