Psalm 1 reimagined

  1. If you want to know deep happiness, don’t waste your time listening to the advice of twisted minds, or joining in the chatter of devious hearts, or laughing at the humour of those who devalue everything of worth.
  2. The Lord’s presence is with the person who takes great pleasure in thinking about his / her thoughts and words, every hour of the day and night. 
  3. They are like a tree rooted by a flowing stream – they are evergreen and produce plentiful fruit at the right time.
  4. In contrast, those whose hearts are set on wrong are like dying autumn leaves, blown around by gusts of wind.  
  5. It is clear how their lives will be assessed – in life they avoided being linked to the Lord and his / her followers, so their future will be separate too. 
  6. The Lord stays close to coach his / her followers but those who do not want him / her will find their own destination. 

© 2020 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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