Psalm 2 reimagined

  1. Why are there conflicts between the nations?  Why do leaders waste time on creating futile plans?
  2. Why does it seem as though anger and hostility is never far from their minds?  They take every opportunity to oppose the Lord’s plan for unity and wholeness.
  3. “I am free to lead as I choose,” they say. “I am not answerable to anyone but myself.”
  1. But the Boss, who leads everything, laughs at their arrogance.
  2. He / she reprimands them for their actions and demonstrates his / her frustration.
  3. The Lord makes an announcement, “I have chosen Jesus to be the leader over all people and I have given him the authority he needs.”
  1. The Lord’s chosen leader confirms his appointment, “When the Lord chose me he / she said, ‘you are my son and I will love you as your father / mother.  
  2. When you are ready, I will give you responsibility to lead the whole earth and all the peoples.
  3. You will smash the rule of those who oppress and abuse the people, once and for all.’”
  1. So, you who are leaders of the nations, take this warning and be wise to where your power comes from.
  2. Take your leadership from the Lord, have respect for his / her authority and learn to be content with his / her approach.
  3. Accept Jesus, the Lord’s chosen one, as your leader, or the Lord may become frustrated and remove you from your position in the middle of your term.  Real satisfaction comes in leading under the Lord’s guidance.

© 2020 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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