Psalm 3 reimagined

Note: David wrote this Psalm when fleeing from his own son Absalom who had usurped the throne.

  1. I have so many enemies.  Everywhere I turn they surround me.
  2. They are even saying “your Creator has abandoned you.


  1. But you Lord, have never left me.  You are always close and reassure me of your confidence in me.
  2. I pleaded with the Lord for help and he / she dropped what he / she was doing and came to support me.


  1. I was so tired I had to sleep where I was but when I woke up I was well rested because you had been with me, Lord.
  2. I do not care how many people oppose me or how boxed in I feel, when I know that you are with me.
  1. Get up Lord and deliver me, my Creator.  Deal a knockout blow to my enemies.  Cut off their power.
  2. You will defeat all evil, Lord.  May you give life and support to all your followers.


© 2020 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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