Psalm 7 reimagined

Note: David wrote and sung this Psalm to the Lord about what was said about him by Cush of the tribe of Benjamin. 

  1. I need your protection, Lord my Creator.  Please defend me against the attacks of these bullies.
  2. They seem intent on shredding my reputation and destroying my self-confidence and no-one wants to stand up for me.  
  3. Lord my Creator, if it is me that’s in the wrong, or if I have behaved unfairly;
  4. If I have deserted a friend or attacked my adversary’s reputation with untruths;
  5. Then let these bullies prevail.  May I learn about my faults by being knocked to my knees and having my reputation dragged through the dirt.


  1. Show your anger over what is happening, Lord.  Give me protection from my opponent’s critical barrage and stand up for honesty and integrity.  
  2. And not only for me – demand fairness for all who are oppressed and abused across the nations.  Show all leaders your right to bring justice.
  3. Lord, you are the judge of all people.  Pronounce that I am not guilty, for I am innocent of their accusations.
  4. Stop the wicked in their tracks and end their campaigns of abuse – defend the innocent against false accusations.  For you can see each person’s motivation and you will do what is right, my Creator.  
  1. He / She is my Creator and advocate; and fights for those who behave honestly and fairly.
  2. He / She is the One who makes right-minded judgments and who declares the oppressors and abusers guilty.
  1. He / She will not show mercy on the guilty when they show no remorse.  
  2. He / She will sentence them with the full weight of the law.
  1. The evil hatch their devious schemes, their minds full of disturbing actions, and then they cover them up with insidious lies.
  2. They develop cruel plots to enslave their victims but get entangled themselves.
  3. The actions they intended have consequences that backfire on them.  The destruction they planned for others, turns and destroys them.
  1. My heart is full of thanks to the Lord because he / she is fair and honourable; I will applaud the Lord who is the Greatest of all Time.  

© 2020 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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