Psalm 6 reimagined

A psalm of David given to the Choir Director for the choir to sing to the accompaniment of a string orchestra.

  1. Lord don’t scold me when you are cross with me or fly off the handle and punish me.
  2. You know that I am weak and completely out of sorts.  Please love me and restore me, my Healer.  
  3. My emotions are all over the place.  I need your urgent help to resolve things.
  1. You will never stop loving me, Lord – come close and restore me.
  2. Save my life so that it is not wasted, and I can give you the praise you deserve.  
  1. My emotions are wearing me out and my pillow is soaked with tears.
  2. My misery is clouding my judgment and my mind is in turmoil with the taunts of my detractors.  
  1. The Lord has heard my cries so leave me alone you who hate me.
  2. He / she has listened to my heartfelt appeals and will answer me.
  3. May my opponents turn away in disgrace, shamed by what they have done.

© 2020 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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