Psalm 5 reimagined

David wrote this psalm and gave it to the Choir Director to arrange for the choir to sing it to the accompaniment of a flute.  

  1. Lord, hear my plea to you even though it is expressed through moans and groans.
  2. You are my leader and my Creator and you are the only one who will listen to my cry for help.
  3. At the start of everyday, Lord, I will ask you to answer the request that is on my heart.  Please listen to me and I will wait patiently for your reply.
  1. You will not tolerate the offences of evil people and you hate all oppression and abuse.
  2. Those who live their lives for themselves have no place in your presence knowing that you hate their actions.
  3. You hate all fraud and murder, Lord and will put an end to all deceit. 
  1. I can join you in your home but only because you keep on loving me.  When in your presence I will show you my heartfelt adoration.
  2. Coach me in how to live your way, Lord, so that I will please you and my opponents will have no grounds for their accusations.  Make your advice plain and straightforward.
  1. My opponents are only interested in destroying people’s lives.  They use flattery and when that fails, they turn to lies or abuse.
  2. May their actions rebound on them so that they will be destroyed in the way they planned for other people.  They have turned their back on you, Creator and should have no part in your future.
  1. Their victims look to you for protection so fill their hearts with joy.  May they show their love to you, God of all eternity.  Guard them from the attacks they fear, and we will all celebrate your actions.
  2. You love those who want to follow you, Lord and you invite them to be in your family and under your care.

© 2020 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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