Psalm 11 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director.

  1. The Lord will give me protection, I know he / she will.  So do not advise me to keep my head down.
  2. The wicked are planning to take control – they are preparing to take action.   They are undermining those who want what is right.
  3. Our neighbourhood is becoming a no-go area, where the law will not be able to protect us.  What are we supposed to do?
  1. The Lord is the leader of all that there is and he / she is still in control.  He / she knows what each of us thinks and feels.
  2. He / she watches everyone, both the good and the bad, but he / she detests the use of violence and hate.
  3. The wicked will feel the weight of his / her judgment and suffer the punishment their actions deserve.
  4. The Lord wants the best for everyone and he / she will ensure that there is fairness and freedom.  Those who are good will live in his / her presence.

© 2020 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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