Psalm 12 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the choir director to arrange for the choir to sing to the accompaniment of a string orchestra.

  1. Turn things round, Lord, as the number of people following your ways is falling.  Those who are sticking with you seem few and far-between.
  2. Colleagues say flattering things to each other, but it is no more than lies coming from insincere hearts.
  3. Lord, put an end to their dishonest flattery and their boastful speech.
  4. Their view is “We will say what we want.  What right does anyone have to question us?”
  1. The Lord says how he / she feels – “I know what is happening – I see the attacks on the defenceless and the cries of the poor.  They have been longing for me to do something – wait no longer.”
  2. When the Lord promises to do something, he / she delivers.  He / she sticks firmly to his / her word.
  3. We know that you Lord, will protect the oppressed from the deceitful talk of this generation.  You will care for them forever.
  4. You will do this because the people of this place are full of themselves and love and respect evil.  

© 2020 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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