Psalm 14 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director.

  1. It is foolish to say, “There is no God”.  So often it is said by people who want whatever they can get from life and who help no one but themselves.  
  2. The Lord sees everything, and he / she searches for those who are wise enough to focus on knowing him / her, the Creator, and following his / her ways.
  3. Sadly, we have all turned our backs on him / her and focused on ourselves.  The last thing on our minds is doing good.
  1. Those who are focused on doing wrong and trample on anyone who gets in their way, never consider giving time to think about the Lord.
  2. In the end their own thoughts will terrorise them – whereas the Creator walks closely with those who follow him / her.
  3. The ungodly destroy the hopes of the oppressed, but the Lord will care for them as his / her own family.
  1. Lord, will you leave the comfort of your own home and come and free your people?  The Lord will rejuvenate his / her people and they will sing and shout with unadulterated joy. 

© 2020 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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