Psalm 23 reimagined

Note: I have not aimed to rework each metaphor within the Psalm but to rework the overall metaphor – David was a shepherd so he aimed to understand the way the Lord related to him as he cared for his sheep.  I lead and manage projects and project teams and in my version I am aiming to understand the way the Lord cares for me by understanding the way I care for the project teams I run.

A psalm of David

  1. The Lord is my leader – I have all the support I need.
  1. He / she sets me stretching but achievable goals that allow me to feel challenged and expects me to switch off and rest when it is time.  
  1. He / she gives me a clear brief and timeline for my work so that I can achieve my goals and feel fulfilled.  Under his / her leadership, teams work well together, allowing each of us to contribute our best.  
  1. Even when there is conflict or I feel that I am failing in my responsibilities, you get alongside me and support me, so I do not get unnecessarily stressed.  Your honest feedback and your practical advice provide guidance and reassurance.
  1. And when I have delivered an important outcome, you give me the opportunity to receive the credit I deserve.  You thank me by recognising my hard work and you praise me for what I have achieved.  As a consequence, I am confident and have a strong sense of self-worth.
  1. The care and goodwill you have for me will stay with me whatever comes in the future and I will live in the Lord’s presence forever.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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