Psalm 22 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director to be sung to the tune “Doe of the Dawn”.

Note:  I have written the first 21 verses as though they were Jesus’ thoughts during his arrest, trial and crucifixion.  I have written the section from verse 22 to the end as a worship song remembering all that the Lord has done for his people.

  1. Father, my Father, why have you completely deserted me?  I am crying out for help and yet it seems as though you are too far away even to hear.
  2. You are my Creator and yet I feel utterly abandoned.  I have been pleading for your help every minute of the day but get no answer.  During the night, I needed your presence but found no support.
  1. You are the one who is truly faithful, given plaudits by the people you set free.
  2. My family put their complete trust in you and you liberated them.
  3. They pleaded to you for rescue; they put their faith in you and they were not disappointed.
  1. But I am a nobody – less than human.  I am mocked and detested by everyone.
  2. All who see me laugh in my face.  They point at me in disgust and ridicule me saying:
  3. You are the one who trusts in the Lord – let him liberate you.  You are the one who knows how much the Lord loves him – let him extricate you.
  1. My mother’s pregnancy went well, and I was delivered safely.  I learned to rely wholly on you from my first breastfeed.  
  2. When the midwife delivered me to my mother’s arms, you took me and promised to care for me.  From that moment you have been my Mother and my Father.
  1. Please do not be so far away.  There is adversity all around me and I can rely on no-one else to support me.
  2. I am under siege from an intimidating gang – they are strong and very determined.
  3. They are looking to hunt me down and destroy me without mercy.
  4. I have no protection – I am completely open to any attacks.  My courage has drained away and I cannot muster any spirit.
  5. My strength has been sapped away and my mouth is dry from all the deep breathing.  I am on my knees and have been deserted by anyone who might help.
  6. Those who want an end of me, surround me.  I can feel their hot breath on my skin.  They have already wounded my hands and feet.
  7. I am just about holding it together, but their looks pierce me, and their taunts cut through me.
  8. They have stripped me of all I had, and they are arguing over who gets what.
  1. Lord please do not keep your distance any longer.  I have always depended on you and now I need you more than ever.
  2. I need rescuing from their violent attacks otherwise they will sever the final thread of my life.
  3. Grab me from their clutches; wrestle me from their grasp.
  1. I will broadcast my tribute to you for everyone to hear and I will speak highly of you in public gatherings.
  2. All of you who respect the Lord, acclaim him / her.  Let all of us in his/ her family acknowledge him / her and let all his / her people adore him / her.
  3. He / She has taken seriously the anguish of the poor.  He / She has heard their pleas for support and has not ignored them.
  1. I will acclaim you in the most important meetings.  I will keep my promises to you when we meet to worship you.
  2. The destitute will be content with the food you give.  All who work to know the Lord, will adore him / her and their hearts will be full of unending delight.
  3. All the people on earth will give recognition to the Lord and give him / her the love of their hearts.  Every family across the world will consent to his / her leadership.
  4. For the Lord has the rights of leadership for all the countries of the earth.
  1. Let the wealthy celebrate and be devoted to him / her.  Let all people recognise that their lives are transient and accept his / her leadership.
  2. Our children will decide to work for the Boss’s purpose too.  Our grandchildren and their children after them will be told about all his / her miracles.
  3. Those who are yet to be born will hear of his / her good and fair actions.  They will be told about everything the Lord has done.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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