Psalm 21 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director.

  1. Our leader delights in the determination that you give him, Lord.  He cheers because you make him successful.
  2. You present him with what he wants most in life and hold nothing back.


  1. You put him in a good place where he is successful and fulfilled.  You have given him the recognition which his achievements warrant.
  2. He requested that you give him good health and you answered him.  He will live for ever. 
  3. His successes come from you and you ensure that he is held in high regard and shown respect and admiration.
  4. Above all, you have welcomed him into your home and family, and he loves to be in your presence.
  5. For our leader has confidence in you, Lord.  The inexhaustible and dependable love of the Greatest-of-all-time will keep him from tripping up.
  1. You will render your opponents ineffective and undermine the work of those who obstruct you.  
  2. The strength of your presence will shatter their resolve.  The fierce determination of the Lord will dismantle their power base.
  3. You will decimate their recruitment campaigns and neutralise their supporters.
  4. For all their plotting, their abusive plans will never succeed.
  5. They will scatter and retreat when they see the extent of the opposition they face.
  6. Gather up your supporters Lord and demonstrate the depth of your power base.  We will acclaim and revel in all that you have achieved.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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