Psalm 20 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director.

  1. When you are in up to your neck, may the Lord answer your plea.  The Creator helped Jacob through many tight situations, mostly of his own making, so urge him / her to help you too.
  2. May he / she give you his / her own power and resources and also send his / her followers to support you.
  3. May he / she recollect your generosity but even more, that the Lord Jesus died for your forgiveness.


  1. May he / she give you what you want the most in life and bring all your strategies to fruition.
  2. We will celebrate with you when you survive your ordeals and will join you in acclaiming our Creator.  May the Lord supply all your requests.
  1. I know from my own experience what it is to be delivered by the Lord.  Wherever he / she is, he / she will hear my pleas and he / she will deliver me through his / her own strength.
  2. Some people love to brag about their possessions – home, cars, wealth – but we will pride ourselves in all that the Lord our Creator has done for us.
  3. All possessions and human achievements will come to nothing but we, who love the Lord, will flourish and be rock-solid.
  1. Answer our requests for your help, Lord and bring your purpose to fruition.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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