Psalm 18 reimagined

A psalm for the Choir Director, written by David, one of the Lord’s aides.  He wrote and sang this song on the day the Lord saved him from his enemies especially Saul the king.  He sang:

  1. I love you Lord – you are everything to me.
  2. The Lord gives me strength; he / she treats and heals me.  My God is my strong heartbeat and the breathing of my lungs.  He / she is my health, my determination to fight back and my strength to recover.
  3. I cried out to the Lord, who my heart loves to acclaim, and he / she healed me from all my diseases.
  1. Death was squeezing the breath from my lungs and sapping the strength from my body.
  2. I was fighting for my life and it seemed as though no more could be done.
  3. My breaking heart shouted to the Lord and pleaded with the Creator for help.  He / she leaned close, heard my cry and listened to my appeal.
  1. There was a quake and the earth shook.  His / her anger caused whole mountains to tremble.
  2. A volcano exploded and thick smoke poured out.  Flames and molten lava leapt skyward.
  3. The thick storm clouds parted, and the sun blazed through.
  4. A shaft of light caught a huge and soaring wing, gliding on the strength of the storm.
  5. His / her presence filled the sky but all that could be seen was the dark and impenetrable clouds.
  6. The light could not puncture the thick cloud, but lava and thick hail stones rained down.
  7. A clap of thunder echoed across the sky, drowning out the noise of the hailstorm – the shout of the Lord, the Greatest of all Time demanding justice.
  8. As bursts of lightening flashed across the sky, the Lord’s enemies became confused by the power of the offensive and they turned and fled.
  9. A fierce gust of wind cleared the ground, as though the Lord sighed his / her frustration and it seemed as though the beauty and the strength of creation was laid bare for all to see.
  1. In the calm that followed, I felt a strong hand take hold of me and lift me out of the swirling waters.
  2. His / her serenity flooded my mind – the inner voices of anger and hate were quieted by his / her eternal silence.
  3. They had had their moment when I was at my lowest ebb, but the Lord came and cared for me.
  4. He / she lifted me above the raging storm and took pleasure in my company.
  5. The Lord recognised my heart of love for him / her and praised my determination to trust in his / her care.
  6. I have stuck to the Lord’s purpose for my life and have ignored ill-judged alternatives to the Creator’s ways.
  7. I have adhered to his / her guidance and have learned from his / her wise advice.
  8. He / she has forgiven all my lapses and has declared me innocent.
  9. The Lord has brought me in to his / her family and has given me the family name.
  1. You give your loyalty to those who are loyal and your goodness to those who are good.
  2. You give your authenticity to those who are authentic, but you know all about those who are underhand.
  3. You liberate those who are self-effacing but deflate those who are high-handed.
  4. You give me light when I am struggling to see; you are the light who breaks through my darkness, my Lord and my Creator.
  5. You give me strength to crush all oppression and with the Creator’s help, no made-made barrier can keep me out.
  1. My God’s course of action is ideal.  The Lord’s assurances can be trusted, and he / she will protect all who rely on him.
  2. Isn’t my God the only Lord?  Who else but the Creator gives me strength?
  3. My God gives me his / her determination and creates the best path for my life.
  4. With the confidence he / she gives, I can take an opportunity and go out-on-a-limb.
  5. He / she teaches me to plan and prepare for what is to come and he / she strengthens my willpower.
  6. You walk alongside me, and your experienced eye sees what is coming.  It is your support that has given me success.
  7. You have given me such clear vision that I know exactly where I am going.
  1. I have looked my demons in the eye and faced what they have done to me.
  2. Each one was named in turn and I battled them individually until their hold was broken.
  3. It was you that gave me strength to do this; it was you that gave me the insight.
  4. It was you that gave me the courage to name them and your healing that set me free.
  5. They were tenacious as I tried to loosen their grip.  At times it felt as though my soul was being torn out.
  6. I was relentless in my pursuit, breaking off each thought, feeling and habit, and sweeping away my pains.
  7. You gave me my self-confidence and respect, helping me to master my doubts.  You have given me a purpose for my life and people I have never met benefit from what I have achieved.
  8. People who took advantage of my weakness, now regret their abuse.  They are ashamed when they think back to how they behaved.
  9. They are no longer bold and arrogant and have lost their reputation.
  1. The Lord is alive.  He / she is the source of all my strength.  He / she is my Creator and liberator.  
  1. It is God who has punished those who abused me; he / she weakens those who would confront me,
  2. And he / she restrains those who would attack me.  You, yourself protect me with your presence and strength.  You keep me safe from anyone or anything that would harm me.
  3. I will always remember your love towards me, Lord and pray that I may love you with my words and songs.
  4. Through your presence, I am able to achieve many things, showing how deep and never ending your love is to me and all your followers.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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